Take part in a world-wide 60-Day Kindness Challenge!

Our Mission: To facilitate One Million Moments of Kindness!

Join people all around the world who have chosen to be counted as one-in-a-million. Each day we’ll share kindness resources, kindness kicks, kindness claps, quotes, music, and more to elevate your week and give your day the ultimate kindness boost!

Simply download and post the dynamic Kindness QR where you can see it every day. Scan a fresh dose of kindness November 21st – January 21st.

Thank you for joining us and others to spread one-in-a-million moments of kindness around the globe!

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Learn how to use the KindnessQR in your own kindness campaign

Toni Blake shares examples of how organizations, companies, and individuals share the KindnessQR to create a ripple of kindness in the world. In this webinar you will learn how Toni created a dynamic QR as her marketing centerpiece with insights and global analytics. Share this page with your team, family, civic group, or company as you build your own kindness campaign!

Kindness Challenge ONE

This week’s lesson in Human School is about being friendly, how to make a new friend, the importance of using names, and making them a VIP.

Practicing Friendship

GPS apps help you to easily find what is nearby. Is it possible that there are new friends nearby? It’s amazing what we can find when we look for it…

Kindness Challenge TWO

This week’s lesson in Human School is about creating good in the world around you by sharing happy thoughts, songs, smiles, helpful hands, even stickers – whatever it takes to put people on a positive train of thought.

Share a Happy Thought

Getting people to change their train of thought, to pull them off of a negative thought onto a happy thought, changes their entire direction and may even change their life…

Kindness Challenge THREE

This week’s lesson in Human School is about being mindful of serving those around you along with lessons of true giving.

Volunteer Time & Resource

Giving is completely different when it truly comes from the heart. It may involve giving of your time, space, personal assistance, money or acts of service.

Kindness Challenge FOUR

This week’s challenge is to resist the pursuit of lack and recognize the abundance in your life, then practice gratitude.

Appreciate your PRESENT

I am here today to assure you that even in the middle of loss, we are still blessed. We still have abundance areas of our life, and we still have reason to be grateful.

Kindness Challenge FIVE

I invented a new word for you, “complimentable.” In other words, practice an attentive mindset that enables you to recognize opportunities to compliment another person….

Random Acts of Compliments

…then the book lady said, “Maybe you shouldn’t get on the internet. What if you talk to us instead?” WHHAAATTTT?? I shut my computer without hesitation and smiled at them.

Kindness Challenge SIX

This week’s lesson in Human School is learning how to make homemade sugar with hand written words of encourage to those around you.

Write a Sugar Note

The cost of this gesture is not money; it is time, thoughtfulness and love.

Kindness Challenge SEVEN

This week’s lesson is to create something simple you can craft with some friends at work, or a civic group, and attach words of encouragement…

Share Flowers

…real, paper, images, from your garden, or store bought, share flowers!

Kindness Challenge EIGHT

This week’s lesson in Human School is to create something simple you can craft with some friends at work, or a civic group, and attach words of encouragement.


Regardless of what we have personally faced, or witnessed in the world, we remain focused on our commitment to our values “anyway.”

Share the Kindness QR daily with friends, family, co-workers and civic organizations

This is your design! Download the QR graphic and create your own Kindness Challenge promotion. Add your logo and print t-shirts, mugs, hats, tent cards, and cling stickers. You decide! It’s yours!


Share this dynamic Kindness QR

It changes daily!

Join Toni


  • Set a daily/weekly alarm to take your next Kindness Challenge
  • Ask friends, family, customers, co-workers and clients to join you in the Kindness Challenge
  • Create social posts and add #1Mmoments
  • Bring the Kindness Challenge to your company culture.
  • Practice kindness and help create one million moments of positive change to our world.


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