In this quick video Toni introduces the tour concept, event protocol, host cities, satellite cities, education partners, the next Amazing bus Tour dates, and the Media Kit (below).

Smart Science-based Event Protocol

TotallyToni HYBRID events include smart science-based protocol for the in-person portion of the event:

  • Tour Bus Quarantine – no airports, no hotels, no visitors
  • TotallyToni Team COVID vaccinations and testing
  • Association agrees to provide KN95 masks for each attendee and set-up proper social distancing arrangements as necessary, according to current local guidelines.
  • Attendees agree to sign a compliance waiver ensuring protocol integrity

Availability on Amazon (Note: Specific brands seem to go in and out of stock. Search for FDA approved KN95 masks if these are not available)

Click here to order your MASKS If these specific masks are not available, be sure you order masks that are “included on the FDA EUA List.”

Click here to order HAND SANITIZER


Everything You Need To Plan Your Event

Official Customizable Event Promo Graphic

We are excited to produce artwork for your marketing, social and membership emails. Please let us know any additional graphic needs you have and we will accommodate you as soon as possible. Download your customizable file here for your promotions: website, social media, email. Please use the entire graphic that includes our national sponsors, thank you!

Educational Partners

Local sponsorships not only help your event but also help local suppliers who are needing to get the word out on their product, especially this year! You can use this flyer when you approach a potential sponsor.

Sample Marketing Plan, Host City

We are ready to build your graphics! Email us your logo and details and we will provide you with a Save The Date graphic to add to a member email blast.

Sample Marketing Plan, Host City
LIVE BUS STOP Program Cost: $3950 –$500 TotallyToni Scholarship = $3450
Travel Deposit: $395
Confirm a date with a 50% deposit $1725, and travel deposit $395
Total deposit: $2120

Sample Revenue Plan:
Registration: $69 x 50 Attending: $3450
Educational Partners = $2,000
Total Event Revenue: $5450
Satellite City: $79 each*

*NOTE: Each Satellite City will contribute $79 towards your travel deposit, to be applied in a credit on your final invoice.

Sample Marketing Plan, Satellite City

ADD AMAZING you your September Calendar!!!

Share the tour event LIVE with your members as a Satellite City! 

We are adding live professional camera equipment to bring the “Amazing Tour” to cities across Texas! 

All the fun, laughs, ideas, enthusiasm and passion, for only 1/3 the cost.

We will simply register your association to our ZOOM event and you will receive a full broadcast video of the event you can project onto the screen in your training center. Unlike a ZOOM with no engagement and talking heads. Your members will feel like they are seated in the room! They will hear the laughs, engage in the Q & A and join the applause! 

Sample Marketing Plan, Satellite City
LIVE Remote “Watch Party”: $950 –
Travel Deposit: $79
Confirm a date with a 50% deposit $475, and travel deposit $79
Total deposit: $554

Sample Revenue Plan:
Registration: $39 x 50 Attending: $1950
Educational Partners = $2,000
Total Event Revenue: $3950

HERE IS THE LINK to buy Toni’s favorite 3D colorful butterflies from Amazon. These little bursts of joy are easy to display, and everyone loves picking out their favorite to take home, reminding them of the day they “got their wings!”

Your teams have been overwhelmed, and overworked. 42% of all Americans report having suffered from some level of depression in the last 18 months. Your members need this!!! Add AmaZING to your September Calendar. Contact us today!

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